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What's Wrong With Us?

Too much to possibly explain.


Billy DixonThe creator and founder of Kinda Muggy is Billy Dixon, a rough around the edges scrappy no goodnik who spends more time checking his ass for pimples than he does showering.

Born and raised in the backwoods of British Columbia, Canada, Billy spent his early days frolicking in the forest with the woodland creatures.

He would chase squirrels and taunt the deer until one day he was kicked in the junk by a disgruntled doe.

After seeing the local medicine man (read: the hairy trapper who lived at the summit) he found that his kibbles and bits were basically non-functional. Billy decided it was time to leave his sanctuary of pine cones and go explore.

What he found was horrifying. The world is a cruel and evil place, filled with bitter and spiteful people. But he figured he could capitalize on the lack of compassion in the world with inappropriate mugs.

So there you have it. Built by you. For you. For inappropriate reasons.

Now give me your money.